Welcome to our new Bronzies


We are so thrilled to announce that we now have an amazing 27 new "Bronzies" and Club members joining our ranks! This is an extraordinary number of new members to complete the course in one intake, particularly considering the rough seas that they have been training in. The rest of the Club are really keen to have these fit, skilled lifesavers join our Club. 

We want to thank all of the trainers that supported this season's Bronze Medallion Course which was particularly challenging without a Clubhouse and in the tough conditions. A big shout out to our extraordinary Chief Training Officer, Michelle Cowans and her trusty offsider - Assistant Chief Training Officer, Arnaud de la Chaise. Thanks to the other trainers: Taga Stacey, Jimmy Burnett, Hugh French, David Murphy and particularly Troy Longworth who has returned to the Club after recovering from a long illness. Great work to the  probationary trainers Sid Russell and Oliver Hunt who were great support as well. Thanks also to all of those that helped with water safety, particularly (Uncle) Derek Bagatourian who was there every week of the course supporting his daughter, Lucy who successfully completed the course.

Of these 27 new Bronzies, one third are going straight into IRB Crew training this Saturday which shows how keen this group are. 

Welcome to Tamarama Surf Lifesaving Club Bronzies! We hope you enjoy your first season at our great Club.  

She's a lifesaver - Sue

Dear Team Tama,

We have a special Tama woman profile for you this week, one of our club life members and someone who puts their heart and soul into our club, this is the wonderful Sue Jackson. I (Zoe) have had the pleasure of spending time with Sue during patrol and she is contributing to our ‘She’s a Lifesaver’ campaign. She gives so much to our club in so many ways and is always available to give advice and support when asked. She has a passion for being out on her surf ski, and has won awards for Ironman at branch level, no mean feat!

Please read and enjoy this week’s edition, over to you Sue…

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She's a lifesaver


Here at Tama we have a passionate comms team keeping our members up to date with all things related to patrolling, training, club updates etc... As well as a few profiling series of our members. As you're browsing around we'd love to share a bit more with you about the amazing people that make Tama a great community within SLS. Whilst we continue to update this page you can subscribe to the newsletter to get to know our members from your inbox.

Check out our profiling series of the Women of Tama. She can, she will, she does. She's a lifesaver! 

You can always drop us a note at [email protected]

See you on the beach

Comms team

She's a lifesaver - Marin

Hi Team Tama,

We are into week 4 of our Tama Women profile series, and we’ve had some great feedback about it, thank you, and keep it coming! I’m editing this week (Zoe) and I met our next featured Tama legend when I went to the Bronze info night on a swelteringly hot summer’s evening back in 2020, (before La Nina kicked in). This week it’s all about Marin, who hails from Georgia in the US, she is small but can she swim! Marin is an absolute gun in the water, but so laid back you would never know until she leaves you in her wash, and comes out as if it was a walk in the park so to speak. Marin is also an invaluable part of the ‘She’s a Lifesaver’ campaign, a loyal club member, buddy, and great person to just hang out with. She is off overseas for several weeks soon, safe travels Marin, and thanks for being part of our campaign and our club, over to you...

Marin and Ben at graduation

Tell us a bit about yourself Marin :) 

I was born in the US and moved to Australia from New Zealand about 6.5 years ago. I've always been keen to pick up and take on a new adventure. 
I was a competitive swimmer in my younger years but I only got into ocean swimming once I moved to Sydney. There is nothing like the flow state you enter when being in the open water. You can be entirely focused on the present moment whilst also appreciating being a tiny person in the great ocean. 


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