Reconciliation Strategy

The Management Committee of the Tamarama SLSC has developed a strategy for the clubs’ indigenous engagement. We have shared this strategy with local indigenous leaders and we now are sharing this strategy with our members for feedback.  Following feedback from members we would like the final strategy to be approved by members at the Annual General Meeting. We would like members to embrace and engage with the actions in this strategy.

Tamarama SLSC Reconciliation Strategy

Tamarama SLSC supports the Uluru Statement From The Heart and will work to educate our community to bring about the necessary constitutional reform and the Makaratta Commission called for in the Statement.

Tamarama SLSC has revived the successful Holly Days program to include 10 indigenous kids in the clubs Nipper program.  Through the Nippers program we aim to have a growing participation of indigenous people in our club.

Within five years would aim to have the following indigenous participation:

  • 20 children in the nippers program
  • 2 qualified SRC on patrols
  • 1 bronze medallion holders on patrol
  • 1 adult nipper age managers
  • 1 member of the management committee
  • An indigenous training unit of study for each Nippers age group incorporating language, culture and knowledge with an emphasis on the sea and beach. Potential to pilot this program to be incorporated into SLSA for all nippers training.

Call for Volunteers

We seek club members to volunteer for the following roles:

  • Assisting Jo Miller with the work of arranging, picking up and returning indigenous kids throughout the 2018/2019 season.
  • Leading and working on the development of the Indigenous Training Unit for Nippers with local indigenous community.  We would welcome a range of people to take part in this work, particularly people with an interest in indigenous issues and have a teaching or training background.

Please contact Tim Murray on [email protected] to provide feedback on the Tamarama SLSC reconciliation strategy and to volunteer to take part in the process.

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