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Dear Team Tama,

We have a special Tama woman profile for you this week, one of our club life members and someone who puts their heart and soul into our club, this is the wonderful Sue Jackson. I (Zoe) have had the pleasure of spending time with Sue during patrol and she is contributing to our ‘She’s a Lifesaver’ campaign. She gives so much to our club in so many ways and is always available to give advice and support when asked. She has a passion for being out on her surf ski, and has won awards for Ironman at branch level, no mean feat!

Please read and enjoy this week’s edition, over to you Sue…

What are the 3 words that best describe you?

Community minded, outdoorsy, committed

Why did you get into Surf Life Saving? How did you join Tama?

I moved to Sydney in late 2000 and decided that in this busy city the best way to find some friends was to pursue my interests. The local Community College program featured an ocean swimming course at Tamarama. I enrolled and the bronze medallion followed. Seventeen years down the track I’m still patrolling with friends from that ocean swimming course – fabulous!

What are the best things about being part of the Surf Life Saving community?

You can save a life and you’re surrounded by people who are ready to save lives. What a bunch of good souls! Lifesavers are all ocean lovers ready to join you and swim off into the distance. I find they are incredibly adventurous in their different ways – bold, courageous, out there. I love that!

How would you describe our community at Tama?

Warm and welcoming. Like any family we have our ups and downs but we all know we come from a good place. Of course, I admire the stayers who deepen the experience by sticking around, staying the course, keeping the connection. I admire my fellow members of Patrol 8 (formerly Patrol 11). We’ve been together a long time, with some having breaks along the way and coming back. Nice!

(Sue with Patrol 8 on a lovely Sunday morning (still waiting for one of these this Summer!)

Tell us about what you do when not on the beach at Tama looking after people?

Work, spend time with Thierry, walk Dash the border collie, swim laps at Clovelly or Des Renford, paddle Sydney Harbour, attend lectures at the Art Gallery of NSW, care for older family members, live sustainably.

Favourite place to go for food in Sydney?

Our dinner table. Peggy’s M Deli on Fletcher Street, Tamarama. It’s worth the hike up the hill. Peggy loves our club and we channel all that love back.

Ideal holiday destination right now?

Toowoomba, Queensland to see family.

What would be your advice to any woman thinking to give surf lifesaving a go?

“Life, be in it!” Come down to Tama, learn some valuable skills, meet some great people and go on, test yourself - be in life and the adventures it holds. Who knows where it will take you? For me, I never represented my school in swimming but hey, I now have a couple of ironwoman medals at branch level – what a journey, what a lot of fun!

Thank you Sue for everything you give and do for Tama SLSC.

Join us next week for another She can, She will, She does. She's a lifesaver at Tamarama SLSC edition

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