She's a lifesaver - Margie

Hi Team Tama

We hope you had a great Easter break! Welcome back to another epic edition of our Tama women profile series as part of our ‘She’s a Lifesaver’ campaign.

Our next wonderful Tama woman, flies the flag for our small club at state and national championships and makes life tough for those other competitors! Her success speaks for itself. As part  of the same legendary patrol 8, I asked someone who knows her very well, to say a few words about Margie Simpson-Lee, so thank you Sue Jackson for the lovely introduction.

“When it comes to ocean royalty at local, state and national level, Margie Simpson-Lee, is a respected member. Dubbed by many as the “Queen of Tamarama'', she has earned that title with disciplined ocean and beach training each day. The rewards have followed.

Margie has been awarded the club’s Major Ripley Competitor of the Year Award eight times in the past 15 years and has regularly taken a position on the Aussies’ podium. In the years between (2008 to 2014), she gave birth to and was raising her two boys, Archie and Oscar, yet still attended her patrols. She was made a life member of the club in 2019/2020.

There’s one more word to add to her description of self and that is “loyal”. Other clubs continue to try and poach Margie with attractive offers of coaching, positions in elite teams, and access to top notch facilities, yet she remains with us!

Thanks Margie for your loyalty. To me and many other clubbies, your strength continues to inspire us to do that extra lap, hard”.

Thank you Sue and over to Margie..

Thanks, Zoe - VP

Margie at Aussies

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She's a lifesaver - Alice

Hi Team Tama!

Welcome back to one of the best parts of our week, yes it’s another profile of one of our fabulous Tama Women. 

Tama’s ‘She’s a Lifesaver’ campaign keeps on gaining momentum! 

Up next is a woman with a lovely soul. I met her during lockdown on some Groper swims during winter last year, those swims helped us stay sane. She flies the flag for women with Patrol 10, she grew up in Canberra but has defected to Sydney, loves music, running, and happens to be a neurologist on the side. 

Introducing the lovely Dr. Alice Powell. She was a vital member of the group involved in the successful resuscitation at Mackenzie's in 2020, she saves lives. 

From the mighty Tim Murray “ Alice is one of the quiet achievers on Patrol 10. She is one of the strongest swimmers and has a strong record of rescuing and resuscitating patients. I always feel confident when she is on patrol that we are rescue ready”.

So over to the wonderful Alice…

Thank you,  Zoe - VP

Alice with club mascot Chingu (puppy Chingu!)

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She's a lifesaver - Kate

Hi Team Tama!

Welcome back to another epic edition of ‘She’s a Lifesaver’, yes we are still going strong and I think this is now our 18th profile  - go Tamarama Women!

I met our next wonderful Tama woman at our Celebration of Women in SLS day as she joined the fab morning patrol, she was also one of our La Nina Bronzies. Growing up in PNG, she is a water baby at heart, a wedding celebrant in her part time as well as being a Tama legend. 

Introducing the awesome Kate Young, newest member of Patrol 4 so I asked her PC Chris Barrett for a few words, “ Kate has been a sparkling addition to patrol 4 with enthusiasm for life and life saving and importantly some great chat in the tent which is just as well because her arrival has coincided with average weather and limited active patrolling. We are all pumped to have her in patrol 4 and excited by what she’ll contribute in building a great team and club culture”

Over to Kate...

Thanks - Zoe, VP

Tell us a bit about yourself: 3 words that best describe you?  Positive, curious and adventurous

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She's a lifesaver - Veronica and Charlotte

Hello Team Tama! 

Welcome to the Thursday after our mighty Celebration of Women in SLSC Celebration!

We are still buzzing from last weekend, and this next profile is an absolute cracker and keeps the energy going! We are also celebrating that now, 30% of our active patrollers are women - go Tama!

This week, we have not just one but two fabulous Tama women profiles (great idea Michelle). Part of La Niña Bronzies, they signed up for our 2 for 1 Women’s offer and the rest is history. Introducing Veronica Depoi and Charlotte Mann.

I’ve met this dynamic duo with Patrol 7, on Rainbow Beaches Day and of course our all-star women patrol last weekend. They get involved in everything, are incredibly fun, and are great company on the beach.

Sophie, Co Patrol Captain of PC7 expands “Charlotte and Veronica are valuable new additions to patrol, they have brought great energy and are always willing to help with Nippers, eager to get out on boards and swim so make sure our patrol is super active, we are very glad to have them with us on P7”.

You are going to love this profile this week, put work/kids/study/virtual yoga on hold for a bit…learn more about these two wonderful new members.

Over to you Veronica and Charlotte, 

Zoe - VP

Dynamic Duo, Charlotte and Veronica, newest members of P7

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