Your support can make a significant impact on our commitment to beach safety, particularly our volunteer lifesavers, and contribute to the completion of our eagerly awaited new clubhouse.

Your donation directly supports the heart of our club – the lifesaving program. Your generosity ensures our lifesavers receive the training and resources necessary to develop essential skills and to save lives.

As a donor, you play a crucial role in our community work. From educational programs on water safety, our nippers programs and community events, your contribution enables us to foster a safer and more connected coastal community.

Your support helps us meet ongoing equipment needs, ensuring our dedicated volunteers have access to the best tools for lifesaving efforts. Furthermore, with our new clubhouse nearing completion in 2024, your donation becomes instrumental in furnishing and equipping this cutting-edge facility, enhancing our ability to serve the community effectively.

Join us in creating a safer, stronger coastal community. Thank you for considering supporting us on our mission to safeguard lives and empower the next generation of surf lifesavers.