Club Renovation Donor Recognition

Tamarama SLSC is deeply grateful for the financial contributions from the following members, friends and supporters over the past 10 years. We also acknowledge the invaluable financial support of our institutional and corporate partners Waverley Council, the NSW Government, the Australian Government, Eastern Suburbs Leagues Club and Sculptures by the Sea.

 up to $500 

James Plowman
Andrew Podgornik
Caroline Overington
Deborah Kelly
Aryan Shahabi-Sirjani
Ben Armitage
Nathan Ponder
John Fallon
Mark Anderson-Berghouse
Steven Cateris
FB Rice
Nathan Hey
David Morgan
Eliza Iredale
Yasmin Mund
Strata Embassy
Oliver van der Lugt
St Aloysius College Milsons Point
Gemma Keane
Sabine Schwarz


David Handley, Kirsten Hay and Luca Hay Handley
Zoe Scott-King
Amy Croucher
The Sneesby Varouhas Family
Lisa Bodrero
Veroken Menardlee
Lance Brooks
Sue Jackson
Chris Barrett
Oliver Hunt
Sandra Fox
Mark Larmour
Paul and Samantha McGivern
Bill Shires
Tony and Kim Kench
Alex Clamen
Don and Faye Keech
Radisson Blue Plaza
Michelle Stern
Chris Bishop
David and Julie Blomberg
Sandy Bruns
Carolyn Burns
Matthew Cooper
Dale Cotterell
John Dawson
Jeremy and Claudia Ireland
Brett Leslight
Penny Livingstone 
Warren Livingstone
Paul McCullager
Andrew Parsons
Paul Pearce
Ted and Anne Robinson
Alice Lang
Marco Rossi
Waugh Broom Family
Alex York
Chloe and Lachlan Chudek
Mieka White


Dr Brandon Kober-Brown
Lizzy Nash
Ben Hutt
Deborah Hutton
Phil Hogan
Mischee Mardardy and Andres Mafla Salgado
Ronan MacSweeney
Nathan Hedley
Ben and Kim Doherty
Daniel Zafir - Life Member
Derek Bagatourian & Cynthia Labi
Henry Hourihan
Phillip, Belinda, and Alexander Janis
Troy Longworth and Jay Ly 
Ethan, Sofia, Rohan and Arjan Kooner
Holly Love and Family - Club Captain 2019-20
Aymeric Maudous 
McDonell Family
In remembrance of our beloved father and life member Doug McDonell, who gave us many fantastic days on Tama beach
McIntosh family
Stephen Moynihan
Eva Muller
Rob Page and Liam McDermott
Ellie Pietsch and Andrew Nicholson
Turner Family
Rotary Club Rose Bay
Simon Exleton


Matteo Salval and Jose Guedes
Neneh McGuire
Marilee Tamasy and Melissa Bell
Wayne Butcher
Richard Hamilton and Alex Younghwan Chang
Martin Hadley
The Yeo Spanbrook Family
Waddell Family
Norma Hurley
Ray and Bernadette Wilson
Mme Dora Quah
Dr Adrian Lien Kheng Lim
Tim Murray

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