She's a lifesaver - Audrey

Hi Team Tama!

Welcome back to another happy, uplifting piece from Tama this week. 

This week, it’s time to profile one of our many French members! I am also now on the same patrol as this next special guest. She is a bit of an expert on the boards, great fun to hang out with on patrol, and one of the ‘Fit Bronzies’ (who do a triathlon every day before breakfast).
Introducing Dr. Audrey, who became a doctor last year after finishing her PHD in Biomedical Informatics and Digital Health, congrats Audrey! Audrey is super active, loves scuba diving, swimming, and basically every activity really, just ask Audrey…

Over to Audrey and thanks everyone for reading.

Zoe, VP

Audrey helps keep an eye on those Tama SLSC dogs who also love our beach...

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She's a lifesaver - Michelle

Greetings Team Tama!

Happy Thursday. This profile was a really lovely one for me to edit, it was hard to put into words how much this next wonderful Tama woman gives to our club, not just her time but all her heart and soul goes into Tama. I feel lucky to call our award-winning CTO one of my closest friends. It is thanks to Michelle that over the last 2 years, Tama keeps bringing in cohort after cohort of new Bronzies. Her energy and passion inspires others to work with her, such as the lovely Arnaud, her deputy, and Taga who ran the recent Sunday Bronzies cohort and also everyone else who stepped in. She also inspired me to want to do more for Tama, and I know my Bronzie Cohort from 2020 all love her as do the rest of our club.

Enough from me, let’s hear from Michelle...

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She's a lifesaver - Lauren

Happy New Year Team Tama!

We hope you had a great start to the year, we are back so be ready for some tremendous Tama women profiles coming your way! 

Also don’t forget to hold the date - Sunday 13th March for our all-star women patrol in the afternoon plus our club social! We are starting 2022 with someone who has been at the club pretty much since she could crawl/walk! Meet the lovely Lauren from patrol 9. She has some wonderful things to say so please enjoy and say hi to her next time you’re on the beach

Over to you Lauren, 

Tell us a bit about yourself: 3 words that best describe you: Hi, I’m Lauren! I’m short, smiley, and am easily bribed by chocolate

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She's a lifesaver - Jemima

Hi Team Tama,

This is our last profile of the year before Santa arrives but we are going out with a bang!  

This week we feature one of our Tama women that is quiet in nature but gives a lot of her time and energy to the club and has been a member for many years. She also undertook a lot of the Comms work for years before many of us got involved in late 2020. Whilst also helping on our ‘She’s a Lifesaver’ campaign so kudos to you Jemima, some great photos as well and you may spot her infamous Dad too! 

Over to you Jemima...

Tell us a bit about yourself: 3 words that best describe you: Scorpio, foodie, fun

How did you get in Surf Life Saving? How did you join Tama? My dad was a nipper at Tamarama and is a local legend around these parts, so it was only natural that I got into the surf club as a nipper. I was recently told by my auntie that I hated the sand as a kid, so I guess getting me into nippers was a smart way for him to get over that ridiculous fear. After years of flags, board races, and bucket races, I achieved my SRC certificate and Bronze Medallion and haven’t left since! 

We really wonder how Jemima got involved with Tama, who's that photobomb?

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