The Club

Tamarama Beach is located between Bondi and Bronte and is one of Australia’s most dangerous patrolled beaches. It is a tiny, peaceful beach loved by local residents and sun worshippers, most of whom would like to keep this paradise a secret. Surfers, body boarders and swimmers are all regulars on the beach. The surf can be tricky with a decent rip on most days. The beach is patrolled on summer weekends (October to April) by dedicated teams of volunteer lifesavers who are proud of its safety record. Around 160 active Members participate in patrols as well as support the Club. Members skill base and physical condition are continuously upgraded with training to ensure the beach is safely patrolled. Activities include: IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boat), TOSS (Tamarama Ocean Swim Squad) and lifesaving training and competition. The Clubhouse is situated on the north side of the beach with spectacular views of the surf and down the coast. Loyal Members enjoy the charm of the Club and we encourage you to come and join up. Members of other clubs wishing to join can transfer to Tamarama SLSC.

Club House Upgrade

Defects rectification is in full swing now with works on the façade and sub floor areas well underway. The roof and amenities rectifications are also ongoing. Next up will be more work on the façade to fix the cavity brick. A tentative date for Practical Completion is now June 2024, so no showers for the rest of the season I’m afraid.

Find out more about the lastest update here.


The Club is seeking Sponsors and Donors ongoing to help maintain the tradition of Surf Life Saving that the club has been a part of for over 100 years. 

By making regular financial contributions to Tamarama SLSC you can help our Members continue our Club’s proud tradition of ‘no lives lost. Donations and funds received help us with our day-to-day operations. Contact the Club Secretary to find out how at [email protected]