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Happy Thursday Team Tama!

Welcome back to our ‘She’s a Lifesaver’ profile series, we have a great profile for you this week. 

Our next superstar is always contributing to our club. She spoke at the Bronzie information night back in Jan 2020 for my cohort. I remember how passionately she spoke about Tama and the course, I think we all decided that night to sign up. She also organised our evenings training venue at her company’s workplace. She is very humble, she’s a fantastic runner, swimmer and paddler and is always smiling. Introducing Nat Sutton, all-round wonderful person. 

She lives close to me in Coogee, we bump into each other a few times a week, ‘coincidently’ according to Nat, we even work in the same building. She follows me to our favourite food venue in Coogee, and waits to say hi to me when I finish my gym group in the mornings, which is really lovely, thanks Nat ;) 

Many of you have heard but for those that haven’t, thanks to Nat’s skills and capabilities, there are 2 people that wouldn’t be alive today. She was involved in the rescue at McKenzie's 2 years ago and also the resuscitation of one of her running club members (read more here). This is why I love these profile series, we get to share the contributions and the difference our members make. 

Please read and enjoy what Nat has to say, over to you Nat..

Thanks, Zoe , VP

Smilling after a long swim | Board pro


Tell us a bit about yourself: 3 words that best describe you? Energy, Fun, Caring

How did you get in Surf Life Saving? How did you join Tama? I was always inspired by lifesavers but never thought I would be able to become one. I heard that Tama was an inclusive community, so it gave me the confidence to train for the bronzies course and get my time down for the swim. I wanted to join a new community, meet new people and do something to give back to the community.

What are the best things about being part of the Surf Life Saving community? I love having patrols in my life, I always look forward to them. Being part of the surf life saving community means there’s always someone to jump on a board with, go for a swim or an option to volunteer and give something back to something that feels meaningful.

How would you describe our community at Tama? The Tama community legitimately has some of the most interesting, supportive, inspiring people that I’ve ever met. We have so much diversity and I always feel refreshed after spending time with the Tama crew.

What has been your biggest achievement from being part of Surf Lifesaving? Before I did the bronzies course I had no experience with CPR. Having done the course I’ve been able to perform it twice, once on the beach and once on a run. Having learned these skills and being able to contribute to saving two lives is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

Nat & Laura - CPR heroes

Flying the flag for Tama with Lifesavers with Pride

Tell us about what you do when not on the beach at Tama looking after people? Usually can be found with a hockey stick or running on the trails.

Favourite place to go for food in Sydney? Chargrill Charlies

Ideal holiday destination right now? Japan

What would be your advice to any woman thinking to give surf lifesaving a go? You should do it! Even if you’re not a traditional swimmer, spend some time training to get your confidence up in the water. Even if like me you didn’t make the timed swim the first time, you can give it another go with some practice. You’ll learn so many new things and meet some truly amazing people.

Nat (left) with Lizzie and Margie winning! | Enjoying a sunrise paddle

What have you learned from your time at Tama? What has been something you learned that has surprised you? The dedication of our members and all the different facets of running a volunteer organisation like a surf club. It always amazes me how much time and dedication people put into running a surf club, from accounting, maintenance, and fundraising.

Nat with Patrol 12 (still smiling)

Thanks Nat for making the time to be part of our profile series, your words speak for themselves, but we thank you for everything you do and bring to Tama.

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