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Hi Team Tama!

Welcome back to another fabulous edition of ‘She’s a Lifesaver’.

Our next wonderful Tama woman hails from across the ditch (or dutch as she may pronounce it ;) ), she’s an incredibly talented but humble athlete, flying the flag for Tama SLSC at many competitions and sweeping up the medals. She was active all winter, and one of the many Tama Gropers (best swim club in the world) who met up for swims and kept each other sane during the various lockdowns.

Introducing Lizzie, simply just an absolutely lovely person, always keen to be involved with Tama, and her enthusiasm for all that we do is so evident when you read her words. I asked Aryan, her PC, for a few words, “Lizzie was the first woman to join the current Patrol 1 and, well, is clearly now in charge and we listen to everything she tells us to do. Haha, but really, Lizzie has brought to us the most humble competence; she is a phenomenally talented lifesaver and swimmer. Most importantly though, she instantly became friends with all of the men on patrol, and we’re all so grateful to have had her lead the influx of women onto our patrol”.

Handing over to Lizzie now, thanks for reading.
Zoe  - VP 

Tell us a bit about yourself: 3 words that best describe you
Adventurous, energised and determined.

Lizzie the energiser bunny

How did you get in Surf Life Saving? How did you join Tama? I joined because of Nat Sutton’s relentless ‘Join Tama’ campaign with all her hockey friends!!! But really, lack of travel due to Covid provided the perfect opportunity to do my bronzie in spring 2020!

What are the best things about being part of the Surf Life Saving community? The diverse and incredible people you meet. Plus access to the beach, clubhouse, boards and there is always someone keen to get out there!

Lizzie with Patrol 1 (front left) - keeping them all in check ;) 

How would you describe our community at Tama? Open, supportive, quirky and awesome.

What has been your biggest achievement from being part of Surf Lifesaving? I think the 10km ocean swim that Marlin and I completed from Coogee to North Bondi (and back)… thanks to the Gropers for the training and Cam for water safety! 18months ago I’d never swum more than 2km in the ocean, bring on Bondi to Watsons Bay!

Dynamic Duo, Lizzie and Marlin #can’tkeepupwiththem

Tell us about what you do when not on the beach at Tama looking after people? I play hockey, golf, tennis, swimming, scuba diving and running. Or I’m at the physio, injured, because I have too many activities!

Lizzie cleaning up the medals again, leaving the other competitors in her wake

Favourite place to go for food in Sydney? Fable Cafe for brunch, Primary for Coffee and Ezra for dinner- all within walking distance.

Ideal holiday destination right now? A midsummer Amalfi Coast would do nicely.

Lizzie in the middle between Michelle and Marlin, virtual Bondi to Bronte 2020 with the Gropers

What would be your advice to any woman thinking to give surf lifesaving a go? It’s the perfect opportunity to challenge what you think you can do whilst being in an incredibly supportive environment- give it a go, you will surprise yourself and never look back!

What have you learned from your time at Tama? What has been something you learned that has surprised you? Firstly, that genuine kindness is our biggest strength as human beings.
Secondly, the ocean is the ultimate equaliser and never, ever underestimate it!!!

Lizzie in her trademark orange arms wetsuit with the Gropers 

Thank you so much Lizzie, for joining Tama, giving so much, keeping us swimming well, and being an all-round superstar. 

Until next week Team Tama,  have a great week.

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