Nominations for Club Officers and Support Roles

The following nominations for Club Officers and Support Roles were received by the Honorary Secretary and meet the requirements of the Club Rules:

Role Nominee/s Proposer Seconder
President Tim Murray Matteo Salval Jon Hancock
Deputy President Matteo Salval Tim Murray Jon Hancock
Secretary Daniel Qualischefski Alice Lang Jose Guedes
Club Captain Holly Love Daniel Zafir Tim Murray
Chief Instructor Michelle Cowans Holly Love Patrick Connors
Treasurer Robert Foulkes Aryan Shahabi-Sirjani Matteo Salval
Junior Activities Director No Valid Nominations - -
Vice Captain of Lifesaving Patrick Connors Jack Collins Holly Love
Vice Captain of Competition Lance Brooks Jack Collins Holly Love
Registrar No Valid Nominations - -
Assistant Chief Instructor No Valid Nominations - -
IRB Captain Jack Collins Holly Love Michelle Cowans
Gear Steward No Valid Nominations  - -
First Aid Steward No Valid Nominations  - -
Heritage Steward No Valid Nominations  - -
Communications Coordinator No Valid Nominations  - -
Social Secretary No Valid Nominations  - -
Club Caretaker No election is to be conducted as position is not vacant. - -

Positions for which valid nominations were not received may be nominated at the Annual General Meeting, as per the Club Rules:

32.3.2. If insufficient nominations are received to fill all Club Officer or Support Role positions, further nominations are to be received at the Annual General Meeting.
Aryan Shahabi-Sirjani
Honorary Secretary

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