Highlights From the 2019/20 Patrol Season

As the season came to an unexpected end, we want to take an opportunity to reflect on what we were able to achieve during the summer of 2019/20. As a Surf Club, we are proud to have continued our service to the community in all shapes and forms. From our service on the beach, to our activism across beach safety and community support, and to the betterment of our club at large.

This summer saw Tamarama SLSC rise in its capabilities.  We excelled across not only our on-duty responsibilities as Life Savers, but as meaningful contributors to our community.   Much was achieved throughout the season – too much in fact to recount all achievements in a short newsletter – highlights follow:


Fundraising Activities

  • Tamarama Bushfire BBQ and Comedy Evening: To support those on the frontline when hit with a catastrophic bushfire season, we raised in excess of $6000 from our fundraiser BBQ and Comedy Evening. A big callout to Aryan and Ben for leading the charge with these events.
  • As always, to support the running of our club we had another successful year of fundraising at Sculptures by the Sea, with a special mention to Bill Shires for being at the helm of our BBQing efforts.
  • This year we were pleased to have held the Wonderland Art Festival at our Surf Club, which showcased an array of beautiful artworks created by local artists. Thank you to Tracy Rockwell for organising this event to support our Arts community.
  • This year we participated in the Bucket Shake at Sydney Airport to raise funds for our club facilities. Thank you to Sydney Airport and the members who staffed the bucket brigade to help with fundraising.

Thank you all who offered help within these events and initiatives, your ongoing commitment and support does not go unnoticed.




  • Patrol 5 January Branch and State Rescue of the Month (January 2020) – Surf Life Saving NSW awarded Tamarama SLSC with the Rescue of the Month for January 2020, with our patrol reacting efficiently and effectively, taking charge of a highly stressful situation. Through quick action by lifesavers, lifeguards, paramedics, and members of the community, the patient was able to be resuscitated. We commend the achievement and efficacy our lifesavers, who were able to act quickly and competently in the face of adversity.
  • Congratulations to Margie Simpson-Lee, who represented Tamarama at both Sydney Branch and State Masters Championships. At Sydney Branch Masters Championships, Margie placed first in sprint, and second in the surf race.  She went on to place first in the beach sprint, second in flags and fourth in the surf race at State Masters Championships.


Community Support and Activism

  • Tamarama has for a long time has been a proud supporter of Lifesavers with Pride. This year, we were pleased to have been the practice venue for Lifesavers with Pride for Mardi Gras 2020, who marched for an important cause that we hold close to our hearts! #loveislove
  • We were able to hold Migrant Beach Safety Days which enabled us to educate recent immigrants regarding beach safety. Thank you to Sophie Taylor and David Murphy for their ongoing co-ordination of these events, a critical and important event for the education of our growing multicultural society.
  • We continue to champion the ‘Take 3 for the sea’ initiative at Tamarama, reaffirming our commitment to keeping our beaches and oceans clean.



Club Improvements

Across the club we have made improvements to our clubhouse, facilities and services.

  • For our Nippers, we were able to acquire a new fleet of longer racing boards for competition and training purposes.
  • Jack Collins was able to secure an ATV for the IRB team, making the job of taking the IRB down and back from the beach easier for our team.
  • The shed sliding door was fixed, which previously required up to three people to open (except if you are Patrick), can now be done by one person, with one hand. Thanks to Waverley Council for persevering with finding a solution.
  • With the rare appearance of McKenzie’s Beach this season, we expanded our area of patrol responsibilities for most of the season, undertaking many rescues for the grateful bathing public.


Special Thanks and Congrats…

  • To all members for their effort this season – 3,418 hours patrolling and 47 rescues during scheduled patrol hours. 
  • Congratulations to Ben Doherty and Chris Barrett on achieving Gold Medallions this season!
  • Thank you to Jack for his efforts organising and upgrading the IRB side of the patrol shed, and also for delivering IRB crew and driver courses to success!
  • Thank you to Michelle for leading another wonderful team of trainers to produce a new group of Spring bronzies, with the Autumn group waiting in the wings to be assessed.
  • Thanks to Richard Hamilton for organising club merch!
  • Special thank you and farewell to caretakers Ellie, Andy, Daphne and Reef – we wish them good luck as we welcome Ben Armitage as our new caretaker.
  • Arnaud’s efforts in ensuring that our community stayed well connected throughout isolation with his weekly Tamarama trivia quizzes.
  • Waverley Council and Lifeguards for their ongoing support
  • Simon Exleton from McGrath Real Estate, continuing as our major annual sponsor, since 2008. Thanks Simon!



Hoping next season brings us much more to look forward to! 


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