Finalists in the Tamarama SLSC Annual Awards


Last years winners at the Tamarama Annual Awards. L-R Will Forrest, Michelle Cowans, Will Lenard, Tim Murray, Ellie Pietsch, Hugh French, Holly Love, Sophie Taylor, Daniel Fritz  

Nominations have now shut for the Tamarama Annual Awards. Congratulations to all the finalists. Your strength, courage and dedication is something we, as a club, are very fortunate to have and are proud of. 

Dave Fryer Trophy for Outstanding Surf Rescue 

  • Matteo Salval for rescuing a swimmer from 'The Twins'
  • Patrick Connors and Guy Waddell for going to the aid of three swimmers caught in a rip with dark approaching one weeknight
  • Dan Zafir for keeping a swimmer afloat in a rip without any rescue equipment until back up arrived
  • Derek Bagatourian, Tim Murray, Lachlan Clough, Hugh French, David Murphy, Stefano Aldini, Cameron Colwell, Alberto Puls Cruz, Steph Atkinson, Tim Spencer, Thomas Veit for the rescue of 15 swimmers, including one in a critical condition, on a Sunday afternoon
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Anzac Day, 25 April, is one of Australia's most important national occasions. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War, and on 25 April each year, we remember the Australian servicemen and women who have defended our country. One of the six Tamarama Lifesavers to die serving their country was Able Seaman Gordon Clarence Corbould, he was one of Australia's first submariners. He enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy on 14 Dec 1912 and served on one of the country's first submarines HMAS AE1. The submarine was one of two E Class submarines built for the fledgling Royal Australian Navy and was manned by Royal Navy officers with a mixed crew of sailors drawn from the Royal Navy the Royal Australian Navy and New Zealanders.

Able Seaman Gordon Clarence Corbould

HMAS AE1 went missing while on patrol off East New Britain, a province of Papua New Guinea, on September 14, 1914, with 35 crew on board including Able Seaman Corbould. There was no distress call and no witnesses. The loss of HMAS AE1 was the first wartime loss for the Royal Australian Navy and the first Allied submarine loss in World War I.

Over the years there have been 13 searches for HMAS AE1 and in December 2017 a new search, using the vessel Fugro Equator, located the wreck in 300 meters of water off the Duke of York Island group. A team of experts is now analysing footage of the wreck to better understand what happened to HMAS AE1. Because no wreckage, oil or bodies were found it is believed she sank intact, most likely after striking a reef that punched a hole in the pressure hull.

Tim Murray Tamarama SLSC President

Tamarama SLSC  pays tribute to all armed servicemen and women who serve the country and acknowledge and give our gratitude to our current serving Armed Forces Lifesavers; Nicola Welsh, Michael Dixon, Sebastian Chee, Mitchel Dupen, Brent Solomon, and Tom Viet. Thank you for your service on the high seas and on our little patch of paradise Tamarama beach.

Lest We Forget


For more information on the HMAS AE1

Sydney Morning Herald

Virtual War Memorial


Sea Museum


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Stay Safe Rock Fishing

The body of a Jervis Bay rock fisherman was recovered today. Rock fishing is one of Australia’s most dangerous sports, every year around nine rock fisherman drown. See the full story here.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries has tips on fishing safety;

• Stay alert to the weather conditions
• Keep an eye on the waves 
• Learn how to swim
• Choose the safest possible location
• Wear the right gear – lifejacket and cleats on your shoes
• Never fish alone 
• Know what to do if someone is washed into the ocean 


For more rock fishing safety tips see NSW Department of Primary Industries website here.


Rock Fisherman

Hey Ladies – interested in becoming a surf lifesaver?

Sign up for the Tamarama bronze medallion course today and bring a friend for FREE

Tamarama is committed to being a diverse and inclusive club and we are looking for more female members.  Female prospective members can invite a female friend to join the course free of charge. 

We are hosting a bronze medallion information night on Wednesday 26 September at 6:30pm where you can hear more about the club and the course.  Details including course requirements and sign up instructions can be found here:

Note, both prospective members must achieve the course prerequisites to be eligible for the discount.

Join the Spring Bronze Medallion Course

Have fun, make friends and support the community at the beautiful Tamarama beach!

Completing the Bronze Medallion (Certificate II in Aquatic Safety) course will give you the skills and qualification to become a surf lifesaver.  Tamarama SLSC will be running our next Bronze Medallion course commencing in October 2018.

Find out more and sign up:


Management Committee 2018-19

1500_eb123.jpgCongratulations to the new Tamarama SLSC Management Committee for the 2018-19 season who were confirmed at the AGM on Sunday 15 July.

Management Committee 18-19 
President - Tim Murray
Deputy President- Matteo Salval
CTO - Marilee Tamasy
Captain - Dan Zafir
Secretary - Aryan Shahabi-Sirjani
Junior Activities Director (Nippers) - Jon Hancock
Treasurer - Rob Foulkes

A number of opportunities to join the team supporting the Management Committee exist.   Contact a member of the Management Committee for more details

Annual General Meeting

Hi anyone up for ocean swims?

Hi anyone up for ocean swims? SMS me on 0417 457 908

Tamarama welcomes our newest lifesavers!

new-members.jpgTamarama SLSC is extremely proud and excited to welcome the latest batches of members to the club! We're so proud of all the work you've done to get here! Pictured here with our Club Patron, Henry, and Chief Training Officer, Ellie.  Together, our Lifesavers are dedicated to making the beach a safe and enjoyable place for all people.



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Tama at the Aussies

Tama-At-Aussies.jpgCongratulations Margaret Simpson-Lee, who once again, waved the flag for Tamarama at the Aussies 2018! Margie managed to get points for Tama at 2 events! In a very tough field, but snagged 5th in the surf race and 5th in the flags! She nearly got 4th in the flags but lost it when a competitor dived over the top - after 20 rounds! Competition is fun and excellent to improve your skills and team building. Sign up for training and competition in 2018/2019. :)



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