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Tamarama SLSC heritage including the collections is brought to life by the stories associated with it. The Club does not currently have a written oral history; it has memories, stories and folklore from many generations of Members. To get the ball rolling on this front the Club recently launched a film based on the interviews of most of our Life Members.

A Way of Life: a film by Tamarama Surf Life Saving Club is a project (see below) that has gone a long way to sharing the stories of the Club from the 1940s to the 1980s but also the broader surf life saving movement of that time. The film is not an attempt to document the history of the Club; it’s about the culture of the Club which makes for really interesting viewing.

The film is an awesome result but only part of the outcome. A significant part of the outcome is that each of the 50 minute interviews have been transcribed. The Club now has a fantastic record of facets of the Club during that time including: education & training; patrols & equipment; competition; the physical clubhouse; the social side; womens association with the Club; and most importantly the meaning of the Club to the Life Members. In addition these transcripts show a way of life of the local community and the surf life saving community where many things have changed and many things have stayed the same.

Please contact Philippa Ardlie who produced and directed A Way of Life at [email protected] or 0422 408 706 for further information or with queries.



The launch of the film on Thursday 17 July was a wonderful event. Many of our Life Members, along with their family and friends joined Club members and the community for a fantastic night at the Randwick Ritz Cinema. The film is the end product of a project to capture Life Members memories and stories for posterity. A Way of Life: a film by Tamarama SLSC is supported through funding from the Australian Government's Your Community Heritage Program.THANKS!

Below you will find: Buy the DVD (very important!), Host a Screening, Education & Research, and Background Info including photos taken during filming. Photos of the launch are peniding; in the meantime check out


Tama_AWayOfLife_A4.pdf: A4 Poster for A Way of Life: a film by Tamarama SLSC. Huge thanks to Club Member Nerida Orsatti for this fantastic poster.


The spirit of courage, community and camaraderie at Tamarama Beach - one of Australia's most dangerous and loved beaches - is now available on DVD (Blue-Ray pending). Go to our online shop to order your copy.

We don't want to turn you in to dobbers on this matter (you can make your choice on that) but if you know of someone who has burnt a copy of the DVD we do encourage you to make that person feel so guilty that they go to the online shop and buy themselves a copy.

ALL FUNDS raised from the sale of DVDs go directly back to Tamarama SLSC - thank you for your support


Tamarama SLSC welcomes screenings of A Way of Life around the globe; especially in Australia.

Whether you are a surf life saving club or other community group, or some other organisation there is a COST based on differing CRITERIA and you must SIGN UP to host a screening.

  • Private screenings, outside of those who purchased the DVD for their own viewing, are not permitted.
  • In registering a screening with Tamarama Surf Life Saving Club (Club), the Club implicitly gives you the permission to host a public screening.
  • Any other public screening not registered though the Club is considered breach of copyright.


the costs below are subject to change at the discretion of Tamarama SLSC


  • all funds raised from screenings go directly back to Tamarama SLSC
  • payments must be made prior to the event per 'sign up' below
  • a receipt will be issued upon payment
  • allow time for postage of the DVD whether locally, nationally or internationally
  • Blu- Ray gives a better picture and sound quality

20 people or less: $TBD screening fee including the A Way of Life DVD or $TBD for Blu-Ray

20 - 50 people: $200 screening fee including the A Way of Life DVD or $205 for Blu-Ray

50 - 100 people: $350 screening fee including the A Way of Life DVD or $305 for Blu-Ray

100 people or more: Contact [email protected] or 0422 408 706

Large Event: If you are planning a larger event like a Cinema screening, Conference or Festival there is a Screening Rental Fee and Tamarama SLSC will receive a percentage of the ticket price. Contact [email protected] or 0422 408 706


Note: You may not advertise A Way of Life as an event or a part of an event until you have signed up.

1. Date and Time

It’s up to you to decide when you will host the screening.

2. Venue

You may wish to host the screening in a library, community hall or other similar place. The logistics behind this are in your hands.

You may also wish to host a screening at a cinema. You will need to liaise with the cinema regarding your booking.

3. Register

To host a screening you MUST register with the Club by emailing [email protected] with the following information:


  • An email address and contact number.
  • The date and time of your screening.
  • The venue name and address.
  • The capacity of the venue (number of seats available)

4. Collateral

Once you register you will be asked to pay for the DVD or Blu-ray based on ‘cost and criteria’ above. You will then be sent an appropriate pack such as a poster so that you may advertise your screening.

Happy screening!



Tamarama SLSC encourages the use of the A Way of Life for educational and research purposes. It is the intention of the Club to make the full interview transcripts available for educational research purposes also. Access to the club collections is a long term heritage priority for the Club. SeeAboutUsHeritage for information on the broader Heritage Project.

NOTE: you MUST advise the Club of your intent and purpose before permission is granted.

Please contact [email protected] for further information.



In 2012 Tamarama SLSC undertook to capture the stories of its Life Members for posterity. The stories of many of the Club's Life Members capture the spirit of community, camaraderie and courage at one of Australia's most dangerous and loved beaches. These memories identify the long history of connections between the Club, its Members (past and present), the beach and service to the community.

Following numerous meetings and planning a major piece of work was undertaken to digitally record the stories of Life Members. Naturally this requires money and the Club was incredibly fortunate to receive significant funding under the the Federal Government ‘Your Community Heritage Project – Sharing Community Stories’ scheme.


Round 1 was undertaken in February 2013 - before funding was received so thanks to the Management Committee for relevant approvals and dosh! This one time opportunity to record Club stories is being taken seriously so we have have engaged professional cameramen, David Collins and Paul Ree, to ensure the resulting film is of the highest quality. Thanks very much to Ivan Butterworth, Alexander Cahill, Cedric Davis, Kenneth Eastment, Edward (Ted) Gillroy, Neville Gray, Don Keech, Robert Marrott, Doug McDonnell?, and Kenneth Stewart our Life Members who took time out to share their stories.

Following a nervous wait to ensure we had funds Round 2 got underway. Frank Smith, Graeme Brewer, Brian Beer, Ron Muller, Neil Smith, Henry Hourihan, John Shand, John Hall, Robert Hodgson, Geoff Mould, and John Proctor sat in front of the camera in September 2013.

The third round and final round was recently completed. Over December to February 2014 Brian Henry, John Bell, Ron Norman, Clive Owens, Dick Sheldon, Max Martin and Paul Cooper took their turn under the spotlight.

Special mention to Club Member Adrian Brown (heritage adviser) who stayed with me through the journey of planning, interviewing and filming. What a ride!


Somewhere during the final lot of interviews the transcribing got underway; the Club now has a fantastic record of the transcripts in the written word. Thanks to Anne Marie Allan.

Then the serious business of editing started. Dan Brophy has done an excellent job in watching around 20 hours of footage and pulling out a captivating storyline. I can vouch that there were many weekends and plenty of late nights getting the film completed.

Huge thanks to Club Member Paul Kennedy (producer) who turned up at the right moment. Pauls experience and knowledge was a god-send.


How awesome are the graphics for the DVDs, posters etc?! That's the work of Nerida Orsatti (graphic designer), another Club Member who has contributed bucket loads of in-kind work.

Keep an eye out; I reckon these designs would look good on t-shirts, tea towels, and more!


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