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Welcome back Team Tama to our wonderful Tama Women Profile series.

A theme across so many of our women is just how humble they are about their achievements! I shall say this every week, I am so glad we are running this series, it really does make me feel so proud of our club when I read these profiles but also to showcase how great our women are!

Next up is one of the wonderful La Niña Bronzies - our most recent (biggest ever) cohort - thanks again Michelle and the whole education team. I finally got to meet our next Tama legend this weekend at Rainbow Beaches Day, she was one of the first that volunteered to paddle out and also has volunteered for Bondi to Bronte board support. She started as a Nipper in Victoria and went on to rowboats for Woollamai, and now we are very lucky to have the lovely Sarah Goodear as a fabulous addition to our Team. 

Here is what Taga, who trained the Sunday group had to say when approached for some words on Sarah ;) 
Sarah is a kind, supportive, and committed lifesaver. I had the pleasure of training the Sunday Bronze group, which she belonged to. Her supportive nature shined through, when, due to personal circumstances, she had to do her wet assessment with the Saturday Bronze Group. However, she made an effort to come and support the Sunday group for their last part of the wet assessment. 
She also showed up with her fellow Lady Bronzies to support another Bronzie who had to do the wet assessment by herself, due to the swell being too rough. 

Sarah’s kind and supportive nature is an asset to Tama and I look forward to seeing her excel within our community.’

Over to Sarah, enjoy reading everyone. 

Thanks, Zoe - VP

Tell us a bit about yourself: 3 words that best describe you? You’ll probably find me in the back of the photo or watching quietly at a party, for those who do know me well, they’d describe me as friendly, inquisitive, tough.

How did you get in Surf Life Saving? How did you join Tama? I did Nippers as a kid for a Victorian club called Black Rock. It was very similar to Tama in the sense that it was not only falling down, but was a welcome home to those who didn’t necessarily fit the mold. I rowed surf boats for Woollamai for a few seasons and joined Tama to meet new people and get closer to something I love so deeply, the beach.

Sarah, Taga and Meg

What has been your biggest achievement from being part of the Surf Lifesaving community? Instantly being linked in with a group of people who share the same passion for the ocean, community, and connectedness. We’re all from different backgrounds and professions but what brings us together is the need to be by the water as often as possible.

How would you describe our community at Tama? It’s a little weird and wonderful, I will say that. From the hot bods that come in all Glamarama shapes and sizes to the incredibly diverse and interesting skill sets of our members, it’s really a club that could save the world.

What has been your biggest achievement from being part of Surf Lifesaving? Competing at Aussies for Woolamai as a teenager was pretty cool. But I think the real achievement for me is just coming back to Surf as an adult. Making the choice to live a healthier lifestyle and SLS provided that opportunity with some amazing and supportive people.

Tell us about what you do when not on the beach at Tama looking after people? I ride my daggy ebike around the inner west, usually with some form of plant matter on the back. There is always too much coffee and spicy food involved on weekends. Oh and just cuddling doggos.

Pretty cool ebike!

Favourite place to go for food in Sydney? I used to love the underground food court at Dixon House in Chinatown but Henrietta’s on Crown St is a winner for BBQ Chicken.

Ideal holiday destination right now? Anywhere I can dive! I want to see the Mola Mola near Nusa Penida.

That is impressive jumping! Doggy also looks impressed...

What would be your advice to any woman thinking to give surf lifesaving a go? Find a club that fits what you’re looking for. Whether that’s competition, a diverse member base, developed nippers programs or a committee that needs extra hands. They all have different cultures and there are so many different ways to contribute.

What have you learned from your time at Tama? What has been something you learned that has surprised you? I love some of the Tama history around founding members cutting down fences to make the beach accessible/free (I think I got that right?) If not, that’s definitely something we’d all do. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised at just how much Tama provides a safe space for everyone, despite their skills. No macho bravado welcome here!

Sarah, Xavier and Taga - La Niña Bronzie Sunday crew

Wow, thank you so much Sarah for being part of this series, you have brought so much to our club, this one line says it all  ‘it’s really a club that could save the world’.

Sarah is part of the notorious Patrol 6 on Saturday afternoons so please come and say hi soon.

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