Our Summer Look - 86 400 & Tamarama SLSC


I did a double take the other day when I noticed that the iconic custard yellow exterior of the Tamarama Surf Lifesaving Club is now sporting a new summery look. She now dons a beautiful shade of aqua, with polka dots of turquoise, sunshine and peach, colours which Julian Ashton put to good use in capturing the redolence of summer days spent at our unique beach. 


The grand old dame also sports a few temporary tattoos. These are a cheeky take on Aussie slang for our distinctive banknote colours. The pink $5 note is known as a “prawn”, the $10 note is “a blue swimmer crab” and the red $20 note “a lobster”. “Pineapple” is what many call a $50 note, while a “frog” is slang for a $100 bill. 


The makeover is all to drive awareness of a fundraiser in partnership with smartbank 86 400, which we hope will generate the final money needed to renovate the clubhouse next year. 


86 400 has generously made a $25,000 donation that will go directly to Tamarama SLSC’s fundraising efforts. On top of that, every Aussie who signs up to 86 400 using the code ‘SMART10’ and makes a purchase will earn themselves $10, plus an additional $10 for Tamarama SLSC, which 86 400 will donate to the club’s redevelopment fund on their behalf. 


The clubhouse has been around since 1906, and this final fundraising push will ensure a much-needed renovation that will set us up for a further 100 years, meaning we can continue to serve the community through life-saving patrols, education programs and community use of the upgraded clubhouse 


Given the year we’ve all had, we can all look forward to some cheer and merriment, so if we can all get together and show support for this last fundraising push to get the work started, I will personally dress up in an unofficial Tamarama SLSC grouper (or merman) outfit at the new launch for a photo opportunity to thank you for your generosity.


Ben Lee


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