She's a lifesaver - Zoe

Hi Team Tama, 

We are excited to introduce you to our new profiling series: She can, she will, she does. She's a lifesaver!

You got it, we will be pointing the spotlight on the amazing women of Tamarama in our Thursday edition. We shall also be making them famous on the Instaweb.

Our goals are:

  • To highlight the diversity in background, experience, age, and skills of the women of Tama;
  • To steer away from some of the stereotypes that can be associated with SLS and the women involved;
  • In the pursuit of continuing to forge stronger connections amongst all our members and our non-members, to promote women in lifesaving and always be recruiting. 

This week we are starting with our current Vice President, and inspiration behind this initiative, Zoe Scott-King from Patrol 11. Please read, enjoy and share with your friends, family and just about anyone.

Over to you Zoe! 

Tell us a bit about yourself: 3 words that best describe you. Quite short, quite chatty, think I'm funny and love drinking tea (not 3 words, yes I cheated)

Why did you get in to Surf Life Saving?  How did you join Tama? Ben Armitage recruited me as we are friends from working together previously. It all happened at the right time last year, despite the impact of Covid, being with the 'Corona/Best Bronzies' was a lifesaver in all meanings of the word, it turned a very turbulent year into an extraordinary year.
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